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Why MacEnizerTM?

Your Valuable suggestions to keep your Mac healthy have been collated & transformed as MacEnizerTM by us! After all, A healthy Mac is a happy Mac!


The Feature Advantage

The Premium Version of MacEnizerTM has a bunch of utilities waiting to surprise you with their Mac Performance improving abilities!

  • managestartupicon
    Startup Manager

    Optimize startup speed by managing Apps

  • appremovericon
    App Remover

    Uninstall Unwanted Apps from your Mac

  • managelanguageicon
    Manage Languages

    Helpful in cleaning unused languages

  • mailcleanupicon
    Mail Cleaner

    Clean offline Junk, Spam & Downloaded Email Attachments

  • batteryanalyzericon
    Battery Optimizer

    Preserve & enhance battery life by limiting Battery Consuming Apps

  • securedeleteicon
    File Shredder

    Remove Files beyond recovery from your Mac

  • addoncleanupicon
    Browser Add-ons Cleaner

    Limit Third party extensions & add-ons for a better browsing experience

  • maintenancescheduler
    Schedule Cleanup

    – Schedule Cleanups to automatically clean your Mac


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